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The Centre de Conservació i Restauració

Useful information

Ds. Parc Audiovisual, Edifici I, BA L1, Carretera BV-1274, KM 1
08225 Terrassa

+34 935 671 070


Visits to the Preservation and Restoration Centre are by appointment only

Opening times

Monday to Thursday, 10:00 – 18:00

Friday, 09:00 – 14:30

Christmas, Easter and 1 July to 30 September:

Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 14:30

What we do

The Preservation and Restoration Centre safeguards our film heritage in the largest film repository in Catalonia. Our mission is to recover, preserve, catalogue, investigate and disseminate Catalan film heritage, which mainly, but not only, refers to films produced in Catalonia: feature films, documentaries, cartoons, newsreels and advertising.


The functions of the Preservation and Restoration Centre include the recovery of film material for its conservation, either by means of mandatory submissions associated with the granting of subsidies, or through deposits or donations by individuals, organisations and companies.


Restoration refers to the processes aimed at offsetting the loss and deterioration of film material with the aim of returning it to the closest possible state to the original condition in which it was created.


The purpose of the Filmoteca de Catalunya’s Preservation and Restoration Centre is to preserve films in the original format and medium in which they were created and/or distributed by their authors, producers and/or distributors, whether photochemical, electronic or digital.


All these conservation tasks – restoring, preserving and cataloguing – take place at the Preservation and Restoration Centre, the objective being to make Catalan film heritage available to the general public, either through the creation of film programmes, agreements to screen the films, or through the publication of other material (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, DCPS, etc.).